Traditional Green Roof System

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The build-up layers of this traditional green roof system form the basis for a sustainable green roof.  Each of our Systems consist of 3 layers including: Drainage, Substrate & Sedum vegetation blanket. The 50mm substrate layer is developed to FLL guidelines and is a nutrient-rich substrate that ensures healthy and strong sedum planting.  There are 6-8 different species of hardy succulents, each chosen for their ability to absorb and retain water and to thrive in adverse weather conditions. The plants are grown on a coconut fibre matting using a special cultivation substrate over a 12 month period and are supplied with 95% coverage, ensuring that an instant green roof is achieved.

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The (minimum) maintenance depends on the build-up of the system, we recommend you fertilise twice a year with a long-acting fertiliser.

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Key facts

Traditional Green Roof System is:

Ideal for:
Roofs with a known weight bearing capacity of 90-95kg/m2
Structure: 4 layers to install, Protective Cover, Drainage layer, Roof Garden Substrate, Sedum vegetation blanket
Weight: 90-95kg/m2 saturated



Coverage: 95%
Dry Weight: TBC
Saturated Weight: Approx. 90-95kg/m2
Thickness: 100 mm
Number of m2 in a pallet: 10 m2
Pallet Size: 130 cm x 110 cm
The attached data sheets provide more detailed information and please note the following dimensions:
Protective layer 5mm
Drainage layer 20mm
Roof garden substrate 50mm
Sedum mix vegetation blanket 30mm