Sempergreen® Click ‘n’ go Sedumtray system

£14.00 ex VAT per tray

The Sempergreen® Click ‘n’ go Sedumtray is a ready-to-use tray designed to be positioned directly onto a roof, providing immediate green results. The tray is pre-cultivated with ten to twelve different types of Sedum. This hardy selection of succulents grows on a substrate especially developed by Sempergreen® and provides at least 95% coverage. The succulents are chosen for their ability to absorb and retain water and will thrive in diverse and unpredictable weather conditions.

Sempergreen® Click ‘n' go Sedumtray system – 45cm x 49.5cm
£14.00 ex VAT per tray
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These click ‘n’ go Sedumtrays are easy to install and can be bought individually, each tray measures 45.0 x 49.5 cm. The trays click together and can be used on flat and gently sloping roofs with a pitch of up to 15°. To protect the roofing, we recommend placing a protective cover under the trays.

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The (minimum) maintenance depends on the build-up of the system, we recommend you fertilize 1-3 times per year with a long-acting fertilizer.
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Key facts

Sempergreen Green roof Package Click n go

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Coverage: 95%
Dry Weight: 12kg/tray | 53kg/m2
Saturated Weight: Approx. 18kg/tray | 80kg/m2
Standard Size: 45 x 49.5cm
Thickness: 8.5cm
No. of trays/m2: 4.49 trays
No. of m2 per pallet: 12.92m2
No. of trays per pallet: 58
Pallet Size: 100 x 100cm
Trays: Recycled HDPE