Sempergreen® Sedum Blanket

£20.00 ex VAT /m2

The Sedum-mix blanket is our most popular and versatile sedum roof.  The Sempergreen® Sedum blanket offers 95% coverage and contains six to eight different plants. Grown from seeds on a specially developed coir (coconut fibre) mat, these hardy succulents are chosen for their ability to absorb and retain water and they thrive in diverse weather conditions.



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The minimum maintenance depends on the build-up of the system, we recommend you fertilize 1-3 times per year with a long-acting fertilizer.

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Key facts




Coverage: 95%
Dry Weight: TBC
Saturated Weight: Approx. 20kg/m2
Thickness: 20mm – 40mm
Maximum roll length: 20m – 25m
Number of m2 in a pallet: Max. 50m (for standard sizes)
Pallet Size: 130cm x 110 cm