Sempergreen® Place ‘n’ Go Sedumtray (Plastic Tray Free)

£15.75 ex VAT per tray

There is nothing else like it on the market, the ONLY LIGHTWEIGHT, PLASTIC TRAY FREE sedum module for an instant green roof.  A ready-to-use lightweight tray that can be placed directly onto the roof, providing immediate green results.  Made from a lightweight recycled polyurethane) moulded foam tray, consisting of 6 – 8 species of pre-cultivated sedums, grown on a special Sempergreen® substrate. These hardy succulents are chosen for their ability to absorb and retain water, they thrive in diverse weather conditions. *This product is unique to The Green Roof Company in collaboration with Sempergreen® UK.*

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The Sempergreen® Place ’n’ Go Sedumtray is as easy as it gets for installing your very own green roof.  Each tray measures 50 x 50 cm and there are 4 to each m2. The Place ‘n’ Go can be used on flat and gently sloping surfaces of up to 150 and can be placed directly onto the roof. If you have a felt roof you will need our root barrier foil. To give your instant green roof the start it needs you just need to add our Sedum Conditioner.


We recommend you use our Sedum fertilizer twice a year, around April and September.

Read more about maintaining your green roof here

Key facts


Ideal for: SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT requirements Flat roof extensions, garden offices where weight bearing capacity is unknown
Structure: Modular so easily installed by placing on the roof
Weight: 45kg/m2 saturated
Cost: £63.00 per m2
Ease of install:VERY ***** modules are laid straight onto the waterproofing layer,


Coverage: 95%
Dry Weight: 7-8kg/tray | 28-32kg/m2
Saturated Weight: Approx. 10-12.5kg/tray | 45-50kg/m2
Standard Size: 50 x 50cm
Thickness: 7-9cm
No. of trays/m2: 4 trays
No. of m2 per pallet: 17.5m2
No. of trays per pallet: 70
Pallet Size: 100 x 100cm
Trays: Recycled Polyurethane (Plastic Free)

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