Sedum Nutrition (organic fertiliser)

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This organic fertiliser should be used twice a year to help keep your green roof nourished. Best practice is to weed and remove any leaves, spread the fertiliser evenly on the Sedum and water.  This fertiliser has been developed with a low NPK (2-1-1) that is slowly released from the organic material. The micro-algae provide a rich source of soil fungi and trace elements provide acids and vitamins, perfect for a balanced, healthy substrate layer and root system growth.

Sedum Nutrition (organic fertiliser) – 5kg
£51.39 ex VAT
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  • Use after weeding and clearing leaves in April and early September
  • Best applied when rain is expected or water once evenly spread on the Sedum
  • Use 1kg per 20m2 of Sedum and water thoroughly


Pellet size: 5-20mm
Available in buckets: 5kg