Sedum Conditioner (mineral fertiliser)

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Used when installing your green roof, Sedum Conditioner is a controlled-release NK ratio fertiliser consisting of nitrogen, potassium, magnesium and trace elements.  The conditioner improves the sedums’ roots and the fertilizer coating ensures nutrients are released in a gradual and controlled way over a sustained period (around 9 months).  You should then ensure that you use the Sedum Nutrition twice a year, usually in April and September.

Sedum Conditioner (mineral fertiliser) – 1kg
£12.82 ex VAT
Sedum Conditioner (mineral fertiliser) – 5kg
£57.58 ex VAT
Sedum Conditioner (mineral fertiliser) – 20kg
£199.92 ex VAT
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  • Use when installing your green roof – 1kg per 40m2 of Sedum
  • Add the Sedum Conditioner after the final sedum blanket layer/Click ‘n’ Go/Place ‘n’ Go is laid
  • Water the whole area after adding Conditioner


Pellet size: 2- 4mm
Available in buckets: 1kg, 5kg,20kg