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Green, living roofs are almost maintenance free, only requiring attention two or three times a year. You may occasionally need to remove weeds, but the sedum plants are hardy and won’t be damaged by walking on them.

Roof Inspection

We recommend you inspect your Sedum roof at least twice a year, usually in Spring and Autumn. You’ll be checking for weeds and seeds carried by the wind and removing leaves and moss to ensure gutters and drains are free flowing. To encourage a healthy habitat and to strengthen the natural biodiversity of the roof, we do not recommend the use of chemical pesticides. You may need to inspect your roof and the guttering more regularly if you live in a particularly green and leafy area.


To cultivate healthy and strong plant growth and to ensure an even supply of nutrients you should fertilize your Sedum roof twice a year (preferably in late April and early September). We offer a range of Sempergreen® mineral and organic fertilizers. Find out more about our maintenance fertilizers. More about maintenance fertilizers


A well-rooted Sedum roof requires no additional water and only under very dry conditions will it necessary to water your green roof.